We are Samantha and Vanja. Professional photographers based in Croatia.

Natural light lovers and hunters.

According to our experience in wedding industry, we firmly believe that any beauty can be depicted and stood out only through its authenticity and naturality. For this reason, we wanted to adopt this approach even on this field of photography.

When photographing your property, it is extremely important to us to spread the pleasant feeling that can come only with natural light. One of the most defining characteristics of any architectural structure is the way it interacts with light. Light is what creates depth in a picture and when used effectively creates the mood and feel of the image. Reproducing, or at least interpreting the real life feel in a photograph. This is our aim.

Photography has never been more important to catch the attention of a potential customer than it is today. For real estate rental clients, natural ‘’brighteness’’ is universally seen as an appealing quality.

 It’s all about light!

Development 55%
Design 35%
Marketing 10%

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